7 Best Practices of Google Search Ads

7 Best practices of google search ads

7 Best Practices of Google Search Ads

Google ads is the best digital advertising platform. Here are the 7 best practices of Google search network ads.

  1. Choosing right Keywords
  2. Selecting Keyword Match Type
  3. Audience Targeting
  4. Bid strategy
  5. Ad copies (Responsive and expanded text ads)
  6. Ad Extensions
  7. Landing Page
  1. Choosing Right Keywords:

Choosing the keywords is the easiest and toughest task in search ads. Research the keywords related to your business or services, if your budget is low and wants to reach a more potential audience within your budget, choose the medium and long-tail keywords which are most related to your business, and don’t try to target the competitor keywords with a limited budget.

For suppose if your business is related to Real Estate, you are selling 2bhk and 3bhk flats in Gachibowli and the daily budget is 2K

Choose the keywords related to 2bhk and 3bhk flats keywords with a location

Ex: 2 bhk flats for sale in gachibowli

3 bhk apartments for sale in Gachibowli

3 bhk flats in Hitech city

2 bhk residential flats in Madhapur

Luxury apartments for sale in Hyderabad, etc…

  1. Selecting Keywords Match Type:

Recently google ads removed the Broad Match Modifier match type, so now we have 3 types of match types

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match

Now the Phrase match type works as a Broad match modifier, it denotes in double quotes “2 bhk flats for sale in Hyderabad”. 

Using an Exact match keyword for short keywords and using phrase match for medium and long-tail keywords is the best technique.

Find the negative keywords and add them to campaigns before making live, make it a routine practice while creating campaigns, so here we can save some budget.

  1. Audience Targeting:

Google search campaigns also have an audience targeting option, but it’s not used by many advertisers and also not required of using audience target option in search ads until your targeting keywords are complicated. We can add an audience in the observation and targeting method.

By adding an audience as observation, we can know how much percentage of our ads showing to a selected audience

By adding an audience as a Targeting audience, our search ads show to the people who are on our audience list.

Use the Audience targeting option if your targeting keywords are complicated.

For example, your business is related to Job consultancy and running search ads for Business to business.

The most common targeting keywords are job consultancy near me, employee recruitment companies, etc…

The above Keywords are searched by job seekers and employers, so to avoid job seekers showing your search ads, the best practice is to target an audience in search marketing.

As a Digital marketing agency, we have helped many businesses online with our advanced targeting techniques.

  1. Choosing Bid Strategy:

In Google search ads we have many bidding strategies, choosing the right bidding strategy is more important to reach our goal. As per the bidding strategy few options will enable in the campaigns.

If your goal is lead generation, choose the Leads as a goal and smart bidding strategy Maximize Conversions. If your CPC is high choose Manual CPC bidding strategy with enhanced CPC to control Cost per Click.

By Choosing Manual CPC, we can give ad group level bid adjustments not only ad group level we will have the option to control device, placement, and keywords level bid adjustments.

search bidding strategies
  1. Ad Copies (Responsive and Expanded text ads):

Ad copies are the main communicators of targetted users. To maintain ad copies more attractive ad should contain Unique selling points of your business or services, offers, prices, call to action, and to rank in a higher position in search results, ad should contain our targetted keywords in the Headlines and descriptions. By maintaining our targetted keywords in the headlines and descriptions of the ad, our ad will rank in a higher position, and CPC will reduce.

sample search ad 7 best practices of Google search ads
Digital Marketing Freelancers
  1. Ad Extensions:

In Google ads, we have different types of ad extensions but ad will show with a maximum of four extensions. Below are the top and best ad extensions of Google search ads

  • Call extension
  • Call out extension
  • Sitelink extension
  • Structured snippet
  • Location extension

The above extensions are can be used for any type of business or service. By adding extensions to the ad, our ad can block more space and communicate most of the information in the search results only, so users can read the all information in the ad only. If he/she interest in your product/services will click on our ad and convert.

  1. Landing Page:

The landing page is the destination of a user after clicking on the ad, having a good website or landing page is the best practice before running an ad on google ads.

Below are the main points to consider good user experience on the Landing page.

  • The landing page should contain a top banner with sliders or static, 
  • Contact form if the campaigns related to leads generation.
  • Briefing text or content should be above the fold.
  • Unique selling points of product/services
  • Pricing and offers
  • Benefits of products if have any
  • Whatsapp/Chatbot
  • Landing page speed
  • SSL Certification to website. It is very important to run ads on google ads

Conclusion: Optimization campaigns are a little difficult task but if we understand the problem of the campaigns we can reach our goal easily. The problem may be caused by ad copies, selected keywords, landing page, audience, or any other.

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