Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine is a platform where you get results for your search queries. In india most used search engine is Google.

Other Search engines are Yahoo, Bing and Etc…

Showing ads above the search results, When a user searches for related products or services in Google search network.

In Google search network we can show the 3 types of ads, Those are Expanded Text Ads, Location ads, and Shopping ads

Expanded text ads also called as Search ads

when we advertise on Search Network ads will be shown next to search results. we will have text ads formats as mentioned below


3 Headline with 30 Characters each

2 descriptions with 90 characters each

Landing Page Url

Optional: Extensions, Mobile landing page URL, Tracking template and etc…


Each adgroup should have 3 to 5 text ads and one responsive search ad
Below is the Example of Expanded Text ad in Search Engine Marketing

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In Google (Search Engine Marketing) we have pretty cool targeting options

Main Targeting: Keywords

Keywords: Keywords are user search terms, identifying the user search terms related to our business products or services, and using those keywords as our targeting  keywords

Target Location: Here we can target the location, where our ads should show such as india, USA, Telangana, Vijayawada, 5KM around the Tajmahal and Etc…

Age: 18 to 65+

Gender: Male, Female and Unknown

Parental status: Parent, Not a Parent and Unknown

Household Income: Top 10%, 11-20%, 21-30%, 31-40%, 41-50%, lower 50% and Unknown.

Audience Targeting: Even in search network also we have different audience targeting options.

Check points before creating a Search Engine Marketing campaigns

As a Digital Marketing agency or a digital marketer, before creating a search campaign we should follow the below steps

  • Landing page – Should have user friendly and responsive landing page
  • Call to Action(CTA) CTA on landing page such as Get a quote, signup, Book now and etc..
  • Lead Form – For leads, right side of the landing page should have a form with fewer fields such as Name, Email, Mobile Number and Message
  • Campaign Structure – Segregate the products and services as a campaigns and adgroups
  • Ad Copies – In ad copies use all the headlines and description by mentioning direct information what we are offering or we are the services
  • Keywords – Select right keywords and identifying the Negative keywords
  • Match Type – Choose the right match type before creating a search campaign, we have four types of keyword match types those are Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phase Match, and Exact Match.
  • Google Analytics – Check or integrate the Google Analytics code properly on every page of website
  • Remarketing Tag – Check or integrate the remarketing code on website for remarketing campaigns

Optimizing techniques for Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Optimizing is very important to the every campaign

  • Negative Keywords – Identify and add the negative keywords to the campaign
  • Quality Score – Improve the quality score of the every keyword, by improving quality score ad will position absolute top of the page with low bid than the competitor
  • Search Terms – If daily budget is high for search campaign better to check daily bases and add irrelevant keywords as a negative keywords
  • Search Keywords – Pause the non performing keywords as per the observation and add the new keywords
  •  Bid Strategy – Try to change the bidding strategies for better performance or to reach goals of the campaign

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